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A day in Glasgow

Yesterday it rained in Edinburgh and not in Glasgow. I know this extraordinary event happened because I was there.

After a week of job applications (some exciting work finally came up. Hopefully this means the month long drought is over) I was excited to head west for the day, having been invited by Oxfam Scotland to road test their new policy makers’ online application. The app under development helps policy makers in NGOs and government to check that changes they’re pushing for actually improve overall wellbeing as measured in the Humankind Index. Road-testing done we headed out for a greasy, vegetarian Chinese on Sauchiehall Street.

I popped in to GoMA and was seriously underwhelmed by their sculptural exhibition ‘Everyday’. Painted chairs, bits of concrete and ceramic orange peel scattered over the floor did not do it for me. A real danger when exhibiting in this space is that the beautiful architecture of the exhibition room overshadows the work inside. That definitely happened yesterday.

After that I moved to written art, camping out in my favourite Glasgow venue the Hillhead Bookclub as I read through Northworlds Now literary magazine and a Saltire Society Book Spirits of the Age: Scottish Self Portraits bought for all of £1 in the Oxfam bookshop on Byres Road. After spending seven months immersed in the Glasgow literary scene I miss the people and events that are so regularly held by this wee community.

My uni friend M – a Glasgow convert after years in Stow, Oxford and London – picked me up and we spent the evening in her flat with her South African surfer boyfriend and bee-expert flatmate getting drunk on home-made banana rice wine. I had every intention of being home in Edinburgh by 9pm. In fact, I barely caught the last bus home.

When I left Glasgow two years ago to move back to Edinburgh I thought the city was great, but just not great for me. But days like today make me reconsider. I also drunkenly pledged to learn Gaelic at the train station but in the cold light of day that seems like more work than moving to Glasgow!