Read. Watch. Go. Do 29/04/13

I got a job! A really exciting, grown up communications job in a renewable energy company. April resolution achieved.

READ: My blogpost for Grateful Chorus on the Bank of England’s decision to remove the last woman from the nation’s banknotes.

WATCH: The Gatekeepers! Go to the cinema and watch this right away! This breathtaking documentary brings together the last six former chiefs of Shin Bet, Israel’s internal intelligence agency.  You have to keep in mind throughout that they are trained spies, but it’s still astonishing to see them talk so frankly about the failure of Israel’s fight against ‘terrorism’, citing a war which has “no strategy, only tactics”. I learnt a lot.

DO: Switch your energy provider away from the Big Six with their disgusting profit margins and lobbying for continuing to rely on fossil fuels. There are quite a few available, but the company I’ve always had the best experience with is ecotricity. They use customers’ bills to build new green electricity, turning bills into mills. Switching is unbelievably easy and the prices are absolutely comparable to the Big Six. They also have a crystal clear pricing structure with just two plans. Switching your energy provider is a big individual action against climate change.


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