The Daily Mail: a pictorial comparison

I doubt I need to go into much detail about why I dislike the Daily Mail. Yesterday seemed to hit another nadir. Six children were killed by their father. They were growing up in crowded poverty. Instead of mourning their deaths on the day their father and his wife were convicted of starting the fire which killed them, the Daily Mail dehumanised them with this front cover.




Not only do the Mail explicitly state that the evil act committed by Philpott came about because he was living on benefits, they dehumanise these children by stating that they were “bred” not born. I don’t know if I’m burning out but I just feel upset rather than anger. Those poor poor kids.

The campaign of hatred which the Mail is perpetrating against those on benefits and people legitimately seeking asylum or work in the UK has a long history. In case you or anyone you know is tempted to sympathise even a little bit with the Mail’s position, it’s worth looking at this clipping from 1938, and wondering how reporting of the Philpott children’s murder will be viewed in 80 years.

Daily Mail 1938 refugee Jews

The Mail is a monstrous institution and all those who work for them (at significantly higher rates of pay than other newspapers) is implicit in this hatred.


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