Read. Watch. Go. Do. 30/03/13

It’s been an unexpected fortnight including a funeral, a Speyside wake, applying for a job that makes me feel a bit icky and a family member slipping on the ice, breaking their ribs and puncturing a lung. They’re out of the woods, but we’re hoping for a calmer, healthier April. And a great job please.

WATCH: Winter’s Bone is available on BBC iPlayer at the moment. It’s a pretty good introduction to the wonder that is Jennifer Lawrence. An incredible actor and someone you could enjoy a pint with. I’m just waiting for her to get political a la Matt Damon and my crush will be unstoppable.

GO: Be organised and book tickets for Leaving Planet Earth as part of the Edinburgh International Festival in August. A site-specific production from the critically acclaimed Grid Iron, the evening involves a bus ride to a mystery location (Ratho) for a performance about future humanity’s migration to New Earth. Can’t wait.

DO: It’s still snowing in Scotland. Defy the calls of ‘Merry Easter’ by planting some seeds for a summer harvest. Because you believe summer will come. One day. I’ve got tomato, cucumber and basil seeds potted up in old yoghurt pots and a couple of empty Quality Street tins from Christmas (I will know I’m an adult when I actually buy plant pots).


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