Read. Watch. Go. Do 14/03/13

READ: Sarah Nicole Prickett asks Where Are All the Women? in a Vice article which rejects the concept of ‘ladies’ as opposed to girls or women. In a funny and filthy rant, Prickett calls out ladies who ‘dine out on the upper echelons of what is called equality, concerned mainly with Democrat victories and amicable co-existence with men and “the status of women,” so long as it doesn’t upset the status quo.’  She hits the nail on the head when criticising the faux-empowering language of ownership when ‘Ladies tell girls to “own” their bodies, skirting the capitalist implication by which everything “owned” can also be bought and sold. Women understand that our bodies are borrowed against time. So we use them: lavishly, well.’*  

New Scottish blog A Thousand Flowers launched on International Women’s Day and includes lots of angry, sweary feminists writing about topics such as Wanker of the Week and the death of Hugo Chavez. Tarzan Girl’s piece on the endemic sexism in the Glasgow University Union GUUdbye ya pricks is a helpful background piece to the recent controversy after members of the GUU debate team verbally abused female debaters from Cambridge University.

WATCH: Ash Beckam is so gay. She doesn’t want to hear you use so gay as a criticism. The words that you choose matter. When you use ‘gay’ in a pejorative way the effect that it has on the gay kid in the room or the kid with gay relatives is that being gay is ‘less than’ or ‘inferior to’. And our bar cannot be that the day you just get through life or the day you don’t get harassed qualifies as a good day.

GO: An event entitled Policy and Prosecco? I’m in. On 28th March Alan Miller, Chair of the Scottish Human Rights Commission, for a discussion on human rights in Scotland.

DO: Sign Avaaz’s petition to the EU to ban the bee poisons in pesticides. The final vote is on Friday and both the UK and Spain are expected to vote against, after some serious lobbying from agricultural chemical companies. Sign up and help Avaaz to lobby the UK’s shitty, shitty Minister for Environment Owen Paterson to do the right thing. As Caitlin Moran said on twitter “I have signed this petition about saving the bees because I, for one, don’t have time to pollinate trees.”

*There’s a brief mention in her article of a Canadian feminist and twitter user taking an abuser/troll to court which I don’t know anything about and so can’t speak for Prickett’s opinion on that point.


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