A domestic

Having missed Meat Monday (the one day of the week I guarantee my boyfriend I will cook a meal containing meat), we had sausages for tea last night from the butchers a ten minute walk away in posh Hove. I accidentally made slightly too much mashed potato, say half a portion.

As we plated up, my boyfriend divided up the mash, looked at the remainder in the pan and threw. it. in. the. bin. 

I can only imagine what my face involuntarily did because he looked horrified and totally unaware of what he’d done wrong.

‘We don’t throw away food’.

‘It was just a tiny bit’.

‘We don’t throw away food’.

Cue me revealing my plan to make a solitary fishcake for my lunch the next day, lots of ranting information about food releasing methane as it decomposes in landfill sites and a grown up version of ‘there are children starving in Africa’…

Sometimes being all environmental and ethical is deeply unsexy.


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