Hilary Clinton, mon yersel.

The Guardian has pulled together a series of photographs to celebrate Hilary Clinton’s term as Secretary of State. Flicking through them I was pleased to think ‘wow there are a lot of cool, powerful women here’. Things are getting better.

Images like this really inspire me. I see that there are already women at the top of global power structures, and it gives me faith that soon there will be more because it won’t be as hard for the next lot following in their footsteps. It makes me feel braver about holding out for the right job at the right level, rather than running scared into something I know I’m overqualified for.

I wish Clinton a really lovely, relaxing holiday. But hope it is just a long holiday and not retirement. Clinton 2016!

Hilary 1

Hilary with Aung San Suu Kyi. Completely joyful.

Hilary 2

Hilary with Angela Merkel. At some conference where they are clearly taking care of business.

Hilary 3

With Lithuanian president Dalia Grybauskaite.

Hilary 5

With Spain’s foreign minister Trinidad Jimenez Garcia-Herrera.

Hillary Clinton

Hilary and Australian PM Julia Gillard. Female icon/girl crush overload.

Hillary Clinton

Owning that Libyan airstrip, absolutely the boss.


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