A good old fashioned dose of reality for cyclists

I am a cyclist. Not just, “I cycle”, I am a cyclist. My bike is how I get around, stay fit and live my values on a day to day basis.

The realisation last summer that I could cycle 60 miles a day four times a week, camping in between, and that my body could not only manage it but relish it was truly empowering.

For six months I was a (nice) East London cyclist and for three months I was a cycling commuter on a borrowed folding bike.

I wear a helmet, padded bike gloves, a reflective jacket or vest, bike lights and a body light in the winter. I am safe, safe, safe.

And yet I still found this video scary. And I still found that I could improve the safety of my own cycling.

If you cycle please watch this. If you have loved ones who cycle please send it to them. The video shows the extent to which a lorry driver can see you when you cycle up its left hand side. It is genuinely shocking. They cannot see you at all. They can’t see any of you.


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