Read. Watch. Go. Do 25.01.13

Read – From the New Statesman, Wind farm nimbyism means 10,000 jobs just went to Ireland.

Watch – This rather sweet 3 minute video about the life of Robert Burns – post coming about why I think it is worth celebrating, not just Burns, but the fact that Scotland is the kind of country that has a national celebration of a poor-born, social activist, conservationist poet.

Go – Just Banking: Land Power and Money: rethinking the land-labour rift. At last year’s Just Banking Conference hundreds of people came to together to hear from experts and discuss over two days how we could build a better banking structure which served people and the environment. Friends of the Earth Scotland are now organising a series of follow up talks (in the fantastic White Horse pub in Edinburgh’s Old Town) on some of the key learning points from the conference. On Monday 28 January Professor Michael Northcott (Edinburgh University) will lead the discussion.

Do – Be the coolest version of yourself whilst learning about the Large Hadron Collider at the Scottish Parliament’s exhibition, running from 2-8 February. I am genuinely gutted to be missing this by two days.



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