Read. Watch. Go. Do 20/01/13

READ – Kevin McKenna is not exactly known for being a journalist who writes pro-Scottish independence articles – he’s the executive editor of the Daily Mail for heaven’s sake. But his Guardian article entitled Scottish Independence is fast becoming the only option has fast become a must-read for those in both camps and, crucially, the undecideds like me. McKenna argues that coming round to the reality that one is in favour of independence because the political mainstream at Westminster has become so greedy and self-serving is an experience akin to losing one’s religion – a slow and sad process that the institution you had so much faith in has failed to turn out how you’d hoped. For those outside of Scotland it’s a succinct encapsulation of the disappointment so many Scots feel in the UK and the grudging acceptance that that may mean a ‘yes’ vote in the 2014 referendum.

WATCH – In the week in which the Guardian brought to mainstream attention the fact that almost half of global food produced is thrown away, this Ted video from Tristram Stuart (who wrote the fantastic book Waste) about The Global Food Waste Scandal is worth watching. He talks about the need to take action on our feeling that wasting food is socially unacceptable.

DO – We’re moving flat (again) in a couple of weeks and I’ve spent this morning editing our things as we’re trying hard to have less stuff. It doesn’t make us happy and it would cost a fortune to move it all. So we’re selling stuff on eBay and not buying anything to replace that stuff with.



  1. Lisa-Marie

    The article was really surprising I think. I wholeheartedly want independence, but I can see why people are swithering.

    I am doing a big clearout next week. Perhaps I will ebay…

    • Claire A

      eBay is the way forward – I just made £30 from eight things I NEVER wear. The money is, excitingly enough, going towards van hire to get our other things back to Scotland.
      I’m almost decided about how I’ll vote in the Referendum, but I’m unimpressed with how both sides are behaving – it’s all political point scoring rather than trying to answer the real questions people have. I do like how the SNP, particularly Nicola Sturgeon, are starting to foreground the argument that Scotland can be a truly socially democrat nation after Independence. Gosh, I can’t wait to get home!

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