Read. Watch. Go. Do. 12/01/13

READ – Wondering what the hell is going on in Italian politics? Here’s a useful beginners’ guide to the February elections from the Financial Times.

WATCH Collapse, a 2009 70 minute documentary with Michael Ruppert on dwindling fossil fuels, the collapse of the global economy and what lies in store. It’s not cheery and could be accused of alarmism, but it gave me a jolt back into being frightened and committed to action, which I think in the last year has been lost in the minutiae of individual policy developments.

GO – If you’re aged 16-25 check out Shake! – a free 5 day course in arts and activism run by Platform. From 18-22 February at the Stephen Lawrence Centre in London it promises that ‘Each day Shake! creative workshops will provide space to imagine what justice looks like, experiment with new ideas, learn new tools and fire up your imagination.’ Well jealous. First my Young Person’s Railcard is lost to me and now I’m too old for this…!

DO – Sign up for East Coast Rail’s rewards scheme. You get 1 point for every pound spent in standard class and £1.50 for every pound spent in first class. These points can be cashed in for free train tickets on the East Coast line. Best of all you can book journeys on any network through East Coast’s website, earning points. I spend hundreds on the Southern and First Capital Connect train between Brighton and London, but because I book them through East Coast I still collect points. I’ve just used them to pay for a free return from Edinburgh to London at the end of February for a hen do.


One comment

  1. Lisa-Marie

    I will both watch the documentary and sign up for the free East Coast Rail points, thank you for these.

    It’s frightning how much we take fossil fuels for granted, and how little we actually do about the effects of using them.

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