Read. Watch. Go. Do.

READ Let’s call it failure, John Lancaster in the London Review of Books looks at the UK’s finances and the IMF’s surprising u-turn on the calculations used to predict the effects of austerity on national spending.

WATCH – Simran Sethi at TEDxCibeles: Why and how do we engage? Good learning on how to tell better stories to help people accept that climate change is happening and they can help stop it.

GOThe Great Green Danes, Wed 16 Jan, Scottish Parliament Committee Room One. Scotland is fast becoming a European hub for large scale renewable energy, on track to meet 100% of domestic electricity demand by 2020. But what can we learn from those who did it small scale? Soren Hermansen will share the Danish example from the small island of Samso, now producing more clean electricity than it uses. The first Nordic Horizons event of 2013 and a new perspective on community owned renewables.

DO – On 1st January rail fares increased by an average of 4.2%, the 10th successive above-inflation rise and less than a month after the Chancellor scrapped a planned rise in fuel duty for car drivers Sign the petition for FairFares to demand our public transport system is prioritised over private vehicles.


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